Objects in the Mirror

Our “Poem of the Week” is a preview of the summer issue of 3rd Wednesday, now at the printer.  It’s one of three winning poems from the 3rd edition of our popular “One Sentence Poetry Contest”.  It’s the second win for Michigan poet, Jane Wheeler, who can pack a lot of story into a single sentence.


Late Summer Rain

Our poem of the week was a winning poem in Third Wednesday’s most recent “One Sentence Poetry Contest”.  This is the second win for Virginia poet, Mark Madigan.

The newest iteration of this popular contest is open for entries until April 15, 2019.


Chopin Ballade in G Minor

Our Poem of the Week by Linda Blaskey comes from the newest issue of Third Wednesday. It was an entry in our One Sentence Poetry Contest and earned an honorable mention.  A new edition of the popular contest will open for entries on February 15th.


Seeking Center

Third Wednesday’s annual poetry contest is accepting entries until February 15th, 2019. Here is a winning poem from 2017 from Washington poet, Cheryl Clough.  Judge Larry Levy said: “Seeking Center seems to me one of the most deserving winners in this year’s entries. It demonstrates a strong command of language, economy of expression, and sense of direction. It begins well, builds with an interesting theme in mind, and develops and sustains that theme in surprising and arresting ways.