An Editor’s View


An Editor’s View – Laurence W. Thomas, Founding Editor

A literary magazine like Third Wednesday attempts to establish and maintain a balance between what is being written – and read – today and what anticipates changes in creative expression.  Acceptability is a matter of satisfying literary tastes, present and future, and our editors always have an eye on what readers enjoy today as well as tomorrow.  And enjoyment, in its broadest sense, is what poetry, fiction, and artwork are all about.

Variety is important to balance, variety of subject matter, the backgrounds and experience of those who submit works to TW, those who edit what we receive, and those who read the magazine.  Our policy is to present works of a serious nature offset by some humor, the more formal styles counterbalanced by those of individual invention, pieces that reflect the human condition from a personal viewpoint to those that make more objective observations.

At Third Wednesday, our hope is that we include many ‘new voices’ on their way to greater publishing success.  Our editors are always looking out for undiscovered talent, writers and artists who deserve greater exposure than they may have already found.  Of course, we are pleased to welcome works by experienced writers, those who have many books to their credit, whose names are well known already.  We hope to balance our books by presenting both.