Laurence W. ThomasFounding Editor Emeritus

Larry has been around long enough to know the sting of rejection and the salve of acceptance. His shelves are lined with his publications that nobody buys as well as the works of many poets who have fared better. He lectures on poetry in the Ozarks every spring. Larry recently turned over the helm of Third Wednesday to Joe Ferrari and David Jibson, but remains an integral part of the magazine.

David Jibson, Co-Editor


David began reading and writing poetry seriously after retiring from a 35 year career in social work, most recently with a hospice agency. He has published in Third Wednesday, Peninsula Poets, Highland Park Poetry, The Brasilia Review, Waccamaw Journal, Yellow Chair Review, Apex and many others. He is a coordinator of The Crazy Wisdom Poetry Circle which organizes poetry readings and workshops in Ann Arbor, MI.

Joe Ferrari, Co-Editor


Joe grew up in the northern suburbs (farmland), but quickly made New Center Detroit his home and passion. He runs an alternative printing house called Leadfoot Press for poets and other sub-culture types, and invests the majority of his profits back into the city through volunteer work. He’s had the honor of printing authors as far away as Connecticut, California and Hawaii. His biggest accomplishments include books for the Boggs Center for Peace Studies and the historic Broadside Press.

Judith Jacobs – Art Editor


Judith earned a B.S. in Design from the University of Michigan in 1964. She has exhibited her artwork for 45 years in regional and national shows and in arts publications. A former collage artist, she now imports into her computer photos and jpegs of graffiti, popular culture images, and her own previous work, then layers, manipulates and recombines them in Photoshop. Her most recent pigment ink prints reflect her interest in creating the illusion of collage and rough urban walls with their graffiti and peeling posters.  All her digital work can be seen on her website,

John F. Buckley Fiction Editor


John is the author of five books of poetry, including two collaborations. He holds graduate degrees in creative writing and English literature from the Helen Zell Writers’ Program at the University of Michigan and San Francisco State University.  John lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife Raquel, where he teaches writing at the University of Michigan. His website is

Carl Fanning – Associate Editor, Poetry


Carl has lived his entire life (save for a four-year stint in the U.S. Navy) in Michigan. It was during long stretches out at sea that he developed a love for reading, which, in turn, lead to a fascination with writing. Carl doesn’t write to be published (he does not handle rejection well), preferring the warmth and immediacy of coffee shop readings. He has worked in the past as a co-host for Crossroads and Poetry in Motion poetry venues. Carl has a degree in English Literature and Language from Eastern Michigan University and is half-way through a Master’s program (which he may or may not complete). He presently works at the VA hospital in Ann Arbor, and has a two year old grandson who his teaching him how to dance.

Marilyn L. Taylor – Associate Editor, Poetry


Marilyn, former Poet Laureate of the city of Milwaukee (2004 -2005) and the state of Wisconsin (2009 – 2010), is the author of six poetry collections.  Her award-winning poems and essays have appeared in many anthologies and journals, including Poetry, American Scholar, Able Muse, and Measure. She also served for five years as a regular poetry columnist for The Writer magazine. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she continues to write and teach.  

Lynn Gilbert, Associate Editor, Poetry


Lynn has had poems in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Concho River Review, Encore, Exquisite Corpse, Kansas Quarterly, Peninsula Poets, Southwestern American Literature, The Texas Observer, Third Wednesday, several regional anthologiesand the four-poet collection Four Shields of Power (Plain View Press, Austin).  She holds two degrees in English literature and was a founding editor of Borderlands.

Phillip Sterling – Associate Editor, Poetry


Phillip is the author of In Which Brief Stories Are Told (short fiction, Wayne State U Press 2011), and six collections of poetry: And then Snow (Main Street Rag 2017), And for All This: Poems from Isle Royale (Ridgeway Press 2015), Abeyance (Frank Cat Press Chapbook Award 2007), Quatrains (Pudding House 2006), Significant Others (Main Street Rag 2005), and Mutual Shores (New Issues 2000). He is the editor of Imported Breads: Literature of Cultural Exchange (Mammoth 2003) and served as the founding coordinator of the Literature In Person (LIP) Reading Series at Ferris State University, until his retirement in 2013.