Groove Interrupted

Literature is a way for us to have experiences, good or bad, that we have no way to experience for ourselves. Poetry can be especially good at doing this, as demonstrated by our poem of the week, written by California poet, Deborah LaFalle.

     Groove Interrupted  

Huge ‘fros, perfect spheres of nappiness
five deep in M’s ‘60 Chevy Impala
subtle swaying to the silky smooth soul
of the Delfonics on 8-track
Didn’t I blow your mind this time?

Suddenly a siren, flashing red lights
consume the rear window
Our eyes meet each others’
bewildered – What’s up?
M ejects tape

Heavy-set officer approaches
takes the blue stance
“License and registration.”
We know the drill
M obliges

“Where’re you all going?”
“To get something to eat –
dorm cafeteria closed on weekends.”
I’m thinking…
Why should we have to explain?

“Is there something wrong officer?”
“I’ll ask the questions.”
flashlight beams in our faces
then in our laps

A walk around the car
looking, hoping
to find something
some small shred of evidence
to cite, worst yet – arrest

“Open the glove box.”
M obliges again
Officer chucks M his IDs
“Luck was on your side tonight.”

Once back in his squad car
we exhale, M slides tape back in
but we don’t resume the sway
We’re not hungry anymore
Another day of DWB.

     Deborah LeFalle
     San Jose, California