The Dock At Midnight & Curfew

Our poem of the week is actually two poem by a talented poet from New York, Tiffany Babb.  Tiffany demonstrates the power of the vignette when imagery paints the beginning of a story that the reader has to complete. She packs a lot into poems of just five and seven lines.

The Dock at Midnight

Beneath the black shadow of a bridge,
the power of the unknown.

Lights glitter in a faraway patch of water,
tiny mirrors reflecting the moon back into the sky.

All is silent. The ache too deep to ignore.

underneath the yellow light
of streetlamps,
fog swirls

the night thrums

along the street of closed bars,
the muffled sounds of radios
and brooms passing over shattered glass.

     Tiffany Babb
     New York, New York