Inevitable & Eve

Our poem of the week is two poems. We love short poems and here are two fine ones from the fall issue of 3rd Wednesday. Recently we made the digital of edition our magazine free for everyone. Get yourself a copy of this issue and all the issues from the past two years (poetry doesn’t go out of date) HERE.

The Art of Silence

You don’t see many ekphrastic poems inspired by the work of a performance artist, but our Poem of the Week by California poet, Laura Schulkind, is just that.

” I write poetry and fiction because, lawyer that I am, I believe in the power of a well-told story. In law I am entrusted with others’ stories. Through poetry and fiction I tell my own. “

Laura’s chapbook, Lost in Tall Grass (Finishing Line Press), was released 2014 and her newest, The Long Arc of Grief (Finishing Line Press) came out this summer.