Special Soap

Bellingham, Washington is a hotbed of poetry judging by the quality of the submissions Third Wednesday receives from there.  We almost always find something worthy of publication.  This one, by Sarah Murphy-Kangas, is a prime example.  It’s Third Wednesday’s poem of the week.


The Nightjar

In the U.S. we call them nighthawks but in much of the world they’re known as nightjars.  African poet, Kim Ottavi, who now lives in France, writes about the nightjars of home. Here is the poem of the week from Third Wednesday Magazine.


Late Summer Rain

Our poem of the week was a winning poem in Third Wednesday’s most recent “One Sentence Poetry Contest”.  This is the second win for Virginia poet, Mark Madigan.

The newest iteration of this popular contest is open for entries until April 15, 2019.



We like poems that paint a vivid picture and this one from Raymond Byrnes does exactly that.  His poem is a photograph of a stormy Lake Superior.  It’s an apt description of how quickly conditions can change on the big lake using images that are familiar to those who know the hard working inland sea.


Chopin Ballade in G Minor

Our Poem of the Week by Linda Blaskey comes from the newest issue of Third Wednesday. It was an entry in our One Sentence Poetry Contest and earned an honorable mention.  A new edition of the popular contest will open for entries on February 15th.