3rd Wednesday’s Bad Business Model

LRBubblesmallFrpmtCoverAt 3rd Wednesday Magazine our purpose is to make as little money as possible, which is why we make no effort to sell subscriptions or individual copies (though some people insist on buying them). Each piece we publish in the print magazine has already been published on our website so that contributors can share their published work on their author websites and though social media. The release of each quarterly issue of 3rd Wednesday is accompanied by the simultaneous release of that issue as a free to download PDF.

This the worst possible business model but it seems to be working for the poets, writers and artists who contribute their work to our pages. We strive to expose their work to the widest possible audience and we hope that our business failure is a great success.

The Greyhound / Graham C. Goff

Graham C. Goff is a college student in rural central Texas (two hundred miles from Nowhere). He collects and repairs typewriters, avidly consumes Russian literature, and plays tennis. Graham anticipates a future career in writing, law, professorship, or diplomacy— depending on who’s asking. He is an editor at “Kitchen Sink Magazine” and has been previously published in “Kitchen Sink Magazine”, “Evening Street Review”, “The Literatus” and “Die Leere Mitte”.