Official Business – Ted Kooser

Though he didn’t intend it for our recent One Sentence Poetry contest, 13th Poet Laureate of the United States, Ted Kooser, sent us this example of what a poet can do with a single sentence.  Our 4th One Sentence Poetry Contest opens for entries on August 15th. Click anywhere on Mr. Kooser’s poem for details.

Objects in the Mirror

Our “Poem of the Week” is a preview of the summer issue of 3rd Wednesday, now at the printer.  It’s one of three winning poems from the 3rd edition of our popular “One Sentence Poetry Contest”.  It’s the second win for Michigan poet, Jane Wheeler, who can pack a lot of story into a single sentence.


Forgetting the Color of Hansel’s Hair

Our “Poem of the Week” is one of three winning poems from this year’s Annual Poetry Contest. Contest judge Robert Fanning said, “…what made these winning poems shine was a line or an image that astonished me, diction that flickered with deeper meaning, and an ear tuned to the extraordinary music of language.”