When They Called Me Teacher I Left Them

3rd Wednesday’s poem of the week by Ryan Keeney is from our Winter Issue, now available in print at Amazon.com and free in PDF format at our website.

We’re reading for spring and our annual poetry contest is open for entries until February 15th.

Notes From The Field / Alexandra Wade

Our poem of the week is a contest winner from the fall issue of 3rd Wednesday. Another 50/50 contest is under way for the winter issue due out in December. The winning poet receives 50% of the contest entry fees or $50 (which ever is greater) and a one year subcription to the print magazine. The entry fee is just $3.

Memorial Day 2020 / Leslie Schultz

A good sonnet is hard to find. Here’s one from Leslie Schultz, who is currently helping us with reading for the winter issue of 3rd Wednesday. One of our editors commented: “”Memorial Day. . .”: Well-constructed sonnet, filled with what comes across as genuine emotion. YES.”