Coming in September from 3rd Wednesday

frontcoverfall2020The fall issue featuring:

  • Winning stories from our annual George Dila Memorial Flash Fiction Contest.
  • Student poetry from Inside/Out Literary Arts
  • New work from:
    Ron Koertge, Marge Piercy, Jack Ridl, Brian Kates, Claire Rubin, Buff Whitman-Bradley, James Crews, Richard Luftig, M.J. Iuppa, Caroline Maun, Rustin Larson and many others.

Insta Poets and Haiga

Instagram Poetry has elements derivative of classical Japanese Haiga, the difference being the poor quality of both the poems and the artwork. There is a similar phenomenon happening in music with electronically created “beats” replacing skillfully played instruments, and simplistic repetitive lyrics. My theory is that there is a yearning to create without the price of years spent developing craft and a medium (the internet) to spread it. Anyone can do it.
– David Jibson, Co-Editor – Third Wednesday Magazine


Today again it can be seen InoueShiro
Today again I see it –
Mount Fuji.

– Inoue Shiro


Misty haze is
the blackness of the pines
on a moonlight night

     – Nakajima Kaho