As One Fire Consumes Another – John Sibley Williams

AsOneFire3rd Wednesday contributor, John Sibley Willams is the winner of the Orison Poetry Prize for his poetry collection, As One Fire Consumes Another.

John Sibley Williams confronts the violent side of American history and its effect on our notions of self, fatherhood, and citizenship. […] The poems, which veer from elegiac to declarative to prayerlike, drill down into the beliefs and fears that underpin this violence.
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John Sibley Williams’ collection As One Fire Consumes Another transcends beyond the boundaries of family and history and country, beyond the body’s tragedies, the “silenced bones of others.” These poems rise as invocation, as testimonial to life’s unfiltered beauty, violence, and faith, to the “light . . . already in us.”
Vandana Khanna, judge of The 2018 Orison Poetry Prize

JohnWilliamsJohn Sibley Williams is the author of the poetry collections Skin Memory (Backwaters Prize), Disinheritance, and Controlled Hallucinations. He serves as the editor of The Inflectionist Review and has edited two Northwest poetry anthologies, Alive at the Center (Ooligan Press, 2013) and Motionless from the Iron Bridge (barebones books, 2013).


As One Fire Consumes Another is avialable from Orison Books and at Amazon.


Crossings – Jude Dippold


CrossingsJudeDippoldThe Old Gardner Homestead

Each year, the forest reclaims more
of the old Gardner homestead
in the glen on the mountain;
but the crows still come
80 years after the family left.
They perch on an ancient oak,
looking out over the sapling-clogged field
as if harboring ancient memories of corn.

(First appeared in 3rd Wednesday, Volume VIII, No. 4)

Crossings, a chapbook by 3rd Wednesday contributor, Jude Dippold is available at Finishing Line Press or Amazon.

This small book of short poems encompasses a surprising span of the territory of the human heart. After you read Crossings, don’t return it to the shelf—keep it handy. Go back to it now and then. Open it to random parts and feel the pulse and poignancy of your own humanity reflected in this wise and wonderful mirror.
– Reginald Darling

Jude Dippold was educated and trained as a philosopher, spent his career working as an editor and communications specialist, and now finds refuge in the worlds of poetry and photography. He has spent most of his life on the edge of Allegheny National Forest where he found both solace and inspiration. He now resides in the North Cascades of western Washington and has traded the Allegheny River for the Skagit. In addition to Third Wednesday, his poetry has been published in literary magazines at Jamestown Community College, the College of Central Florida, and most recently in Exult Press’ “The Yes Book, Writings About Yes.”